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website design software

XSitePro website design software made with affiliate marketing in mind.


Recently I viewed over five hours of recorded training on the XSitePro web design software program. What impressed me the most was the affiliate marketing features that were part of the program making it far simpler to use than other web design products out there. Currently I am using Microsoft Expression Web 2, which I do recommend for those who need more code compliant software, however the ease of use of the many affiliate marketing features makes XSitePro a great tool for developing website especially for beginners and affiliate marketers.


The software comes with hundreds of preformatted templates to suite many different types of businesses, products or services.


Graphical navigation menus
Create slick page navigation menus to rival those of the world’s top sites. Choose from 30 menu styles – all fully customizable.


Robot settings
This is a great search engine optimization feature as it ensures the search engine spiders only spider the pages you really want it to. This makes it a two second job to exclude download and success pages for example.


SEO Analysis of your pages
Automatically analyses your web-pages for you and suggests a whole range of improvements necessary to improve your search engine positioning. A great way to ensure your site gets seen in the search engine rankings. Great benefit to you to improve SEO ranking and the cost
savings from having to purchase additional SEO software.


Sitemaps - Three types
Automatically create great looking site maps for your visitors’ ease-of-use, complete with page titles and descriptions. Also useful for ensuring your whole site gets indexed by search engines. New features include additional site map structure options (a new map style as well as features such as Pagination) as well as global style settings for making your Sitemap pages look great. Again a time saver and cost saver having to purchase other software.


Export to Front-Page/Dreamweaver
Output your full site locally as a full set of data readable in other web design packages.


Affiliate link wizard
Store your affiliate links in XSitePro and they’ll always be at hand ready for inserting in your pages in seconds. It’s right-click simple.


PayPal Integration
Sell products right off your web pages with this PayPal “Buy Button” Wizard. Easy to set up and something that could see you generating sales quickly from your pages.


Google Adsense
Monetize your web-pages with Google Adsense – fully integrated in XSitePro for ease-of-use. Get relevant adverts on your pages which can earn you money on autopilot. Updated to include ‘rounded corners’ feature.


Amazon Product Link Adverts
Insert Amazon product links, and monetize your page content, using this new tool.


RSS Feed Wizard
Add quality RSS content into your pages to help keep them fresh, refresh your content and bring your visitors back over and over again. Choose from hundreds of pre-supplied feeds – simple to insert – and create your own, using this powerful tool.


E-Mail Cloaker
Stop spammers grabbing your e-mail addresses off your web pages by cloaking it using the EMail Cloaking Widget.

Mobile Site Wizard
Output your site automatically formatted for mobile phone / WAP browsers. With the growth of mobile web usage this is a great way of widening the appeal of your site. This feature I have not seen on any other product. When you update your normal view website, this tool will automatically update your website for mobile users.

There are many more features and significant training videos and manuals that are part of the program. Select any of the banners to explorer further or to place an order.


Training Videos - Best way to learn about the features and benefits is to watch the following training videos.

  1. Adding Google Adsense

  2. Adding Affiliate Programs

  3. Adding Amazon Products

  4. Inserting Video

  5. Adding Quick Pages

  6. Inserting Page Breaks

  7. Building Mailing Lists

  8. Multi Page Wizard

  9. Page Layout Designer

  10. Push-button publishing

  11. Automatic breadcrumb navigation

  12. Creating A New Project

  13. Inserting Audio

  14. Custom Scripts

  15. Navigation Menus

  16. Page Analysis

  17. Inserting RSS Feeds

  18. Design Wizard

  19. Tokens

  20. Clip Art Library

  21. Designer