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Founded in 1996 Veretekk is a online lead generation and automated marketing system. It can be configured to promote any business opportunity you want. This system will allow you to fill your pipeline of prospects indefinitely! You will never run out of people to market to.


Veretekk is a very comprehensive internet marketing tool. Traffic Portals are the heart of the system. Traffic Portal's main objective is to produce highly qualified entrepreneurial prospects. There are 20 traffic portals uniquely crafted, valuable to it's particular market. Every portal is designed to benefit unique vertical markets.


"Traffic Portals" are standard lead generation web sites. Their entire focus is to help you to develop high quality, Qualified Leads by offering valuable products, services, or information for free or at a low cost.


"SEO Portals" are designed specifically to aide with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), not lead generation or direct marketing. As with all portals you have full control over the content (displayed text, hyperlinks, title/meta tags, photo upload, etc.) which makes these websites a powerful addition to your portfolio of SEO tools. Utilizing these portals allows your to expand your control out to over 40 different domains!


"Auto-Responders" is included as a Sequential Mailer which allows you to select when and what type of emails should be emailed and how often.


"Market Center" is created to promote your business opportunity. This is where all of the information regarding your products and/or services is presented in a compelling way that encourages the prospects to review your products and services.


Need a "Conference Room"? Veretekk offers a 5 seat webinar conference room at the Gold membership level with stream casting, white board, recording, excellent sound quality. Personally I found Veretekk Conference Room the best available, no need for the hassle of using your phone for audio portion. Great for training and presentations to prospects and clients.


Training - Training is available both live and recorded 7 days a week, almost any hour of the day or night. Cannot sleep? How about live training at 2 am ! Training covers not only "how to use Veretekk", but many other classes on internet marketing and computer software. Be warned.... Veretekk cannot be learned in a day, it is extremely comprehensive in scope.


Veretekk version 2 is being rolled out in stages with the first phase now implemented. Phase 2 due out shortly will include remote publishing to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Veretekk RSS feed system will be installed. Phase 3 will include new  social network design and interface front end. All new auto responders for all Portals designed to inform and orientate the power of that Portal. A series of self replicating eBooks written by the CEO and top trainers to be used for explaining, teaching and promoting your Portals