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Frommer.com - Frommer's Travel tools Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later. Available as a free download via iTunes. This free travel tool offers the following features: Currency Converter, Time Translator, Tip Calculator, Flashlight, Packing List, City Guides, Post Cards, Trivia Games and Apps we love.

Tip Calculator — Know exactly how much to tip with Frommer’s global tipping guide and then let the calculator crunch the numbers and divide the tab.
Packing List—Never forget your charger again. Keep multiple packing lists on hand. Create your own entries or pick from our suggestions.

Postcards — Stay in touch and make your friends jealous by dashing off a quick note. Use your own photos or select from Frommer’s pics. Send by email, Twitter or Facebook.

Currency Converter — Convert 170 currencies, updated daily.
Unit Converter—Convert global temperatures, distance, weight, and volume.
Time Translator—Tell time around the globe--and translate from one time to another. Great for setting up global meetings.

Travel Trivia — Make hours spent waiting for your flight disappear by testing your travel knowledge.

City Guides — Need a restaurant in Paris? A hotel in Shanghai? Click through to Frommer’s guidebook content.

Flashlight — Read menus and find your way around unfamiliar hotel rooms. Stays lit for up to 30 minutes.

Apps We Love — A roundup of great travel apps.



Travelocity - Travelocity Top Secret Hotels is the new, easy way to save up to 45% on quality three- and four-star hotels. No hassles, no bidding, no waiting. Select Top Secret Hotels link to your right.

How it works...

Step 1: Know the Price Upfront
Travelocity works with three- and four-star hotels to get you up to 45% off already great rates, and they reveal these prices upfront.

Step 2: Pick What Best Fits Your Needs
Choose a date and location, and Travelocity will give you a choice of top hotels, including their price and rating.

Step 3: Book It, and the Secret is Revealed!
After you book, Travelocity immediately tell you the hotel's name and details.


Landmark Picture shots Tips

Review the landmark for tourists, now walk away from them removing yourself from the crowd. Focus on a particular segment of the structure. To get sharper imagine in dim light when you cannot use flash, set the camera on a timer.



Delta Airlines Classic SkyMiles Debit Card

Delta Air Lines and SunTrust Bank now offering the SunTrust SkyMiles® Classic Check Card. It's a great new way to earn miles with the Delta SkyMiles program, while banking with one of the nation's strongest and most reliable institutions. For $20 a year, you'll earn miles for everyday purchases . 2,500 bonus miles when you sign for your first purchase.


Visit suntrust.com/skymiles for details.



Consider using airfare tracking tools and signing up for fare change alerts at sites like Fare Compare (www.farecompare.com), Bing Travel (www.bing.com/travel), or Yapta.com (www.yapta.com) — once you’ve firmly established a benchmark for your holiday fare, you’ll know when to pounce on it. If the rate seems to be headed in a downward spiral, terrific — follow it for a few days to see just how low it can go. Sign up also at Travelocity for their airfare alerts and you will receive an email when fare changes in either direction.

Find the shortest line through Airport Security - look especially for lines toward your left because  American travelers are more likely to turn right than left when entering a building, so lines on the left will tend to be shorter.

High-speed rail system coming to the US.

Within the next decade, travelers may be able to travel the US by rail at speeds approaching 220 mph. Plans are underway for a high-speed rail system in the United States. The rail system won't reach every corner of the country, instead the plan calls for ten discrete new corridors of cities that are 100 to 600 miles apart. California is likely to be the first state in the US for the high-speed rail. A train ride from LA to San Francisco will take just two hours and forty minutes, compared to twice that amount of time to drive it.

Rail Europe