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Self Development - Law of Attraction and useful tips


Wealth and "The Law of Attraction" Part 1

Multi series articles on "Law of Attraction" and accumulation of Wealth

Let's begin by defining "Law of Attraction" - Your daily thoughts will attract much of what you will have in the future. Positive thoughts manifest positive results and negative of course will bring much unhappiness in our lives.

You must know what exactly you want - Hence the need for goals and a blueprint, called a financial plan as it relates to wealth. Begin the process by defining your goals, writing them down and reviewing them daily. Remember "Thoughts creates things". Your thoughts have been creating the life you’ve had so far and thoughts can be changed.


Learn Out Loud.com - Great source for self-help motivational audio books with significant amount of free audio books and clips. Link can be find above in the far right column. Today's free audio books is "Above Life's Turmoil" by author James Allen. In this work author James Allen gives advice on how to achieve immortality of character by maintaining a balanced mind through the ups and downs of life.



 PSYCH-K -  Beliefs, usually subconscious, the cumulative effect of life-long programming. Psych-k provides a user friendly way to change the "software" of your mind by changing self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs into self-supporting ones for rapid and enduring changes."

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