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Brad Callen's Bryxen SEO Software and Affiliate Marketing Tools - Keyword Elite, SEO Elite and Affiliate Elite .


When it comes to being successful as an affiliate marketer or any online business, education or training is the first step in reaching your goals. You will need to set aside no less than at least five hours per week and to be realistic I would say closer to ten hours a week at  a minimum. Don't be surprised if it will take somewhere between 18 to 36 months before you see significant income from your home based business. If you can devote full time than you should see faster results. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

I would recommend as an overview Brad Callen's eBook "SEO Made EASY", A 90 page PDF eBook well written and illustrated. This eBook is available for free so just shoot me a quick email and I will send you the PDF file, along with his mini ebooks that breaks down the concept of affiliate marketing in bite size sections. I'll send straight away his SEO Made Easy book to get you started and then over the next several weeks his mini eBooks also free.


Keyword Elite - Once you are ready to begin your marketing efforts, keyword research is extremely important to achieve a higher search engine rankings and Bryxen Software offers a software tool called "Keyword Elite".

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SEO Elite - Software to help you increase your search engine rankings.

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Affiliate Elite - Designed to help affiliate marketers gain further insight to what is working and not for their competitions.

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