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Rail (train) travel through out the world.


You will find information on train (rail) travel while traveling in Europe, across Canada and the United States within this section of the travel website.

Personally I love train travel, especially over night. I've traveled extensively via trains in Europe, taken a four day, three night journey across Canada. There is a lot to to said about the comfort, cuisine, panoramic views and slow pace of rail travel. 

Rail Travel - Europe

For US travelers, it is best to book your rail travel in advance purchasing a rail pass. There are numerous passes available depending on how many days, countries and traveler's age.

Rail Europe - by far the best source of train travel information providing train schedules, reservations, ticket & Euro pass purchases, maps and travel guides.

Tips to experience the REAL Europe, with Rail Europe

The Passion Play hits the stage in Oberammergau - Rail Europe

The Passion Play in Oberammergau began in 1634, as a follow-through on a promise made to God. Since that time, the play has been performed every ten years.

After ten years, the wait is over! The Passion Play returns to the small town of Oberammergau this May. It will begin on May 15, 2010 and run for 102 performances. The curtain closes on October 3, 2010.

Travelers who plan to see this moving performance can reach Oberammergau quite easily. They can simply hop on a train in Munich to the town of Murnau, then transfer to Oberammergau. Trains come once an hour and the whole trip takes less than two hours.

After 2010, this event won't be around for another ten years, so it's not something to miss out on.