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Portfolio Management & Tracking Software

A Windows desktop application focused on Research, Reports, Charts for Portfolio Accounting and Portfolio Tracking.

Supports multiple portfolios

Supports multiple return views: Trailing / Annually / Quarterly / Monthly Returns, Risk statistics, Performance & Risk Rating

Supports Fund / Stock / ETF / Index / Cash / CD / Fix Income / Option security types.

Supports 19 transaction types (include support for Short Selling)

Supports Export to Excel / Export to PDF / Batch Export / Batch PDF Report

Automatically generate Dividend (Reinvest) & Split transactions and linked cash transactions. This is one of my favorite features that eliminates the need to enter dividend transactions and capital gains distributions.

One of the key features of Portfolio Accounting Lab is Show Calculate Data which shows the detailed calculation steps for every calculated data in this application and introducing rating system to evaluate trade timing.

Performance History Chart

Pie Chart

This report contains all transactions in current portfolio includes user input transactions / generated cash transactions / generated transaction from rebalance and systematic reinvest / generate corporate transactions like dividend and split.

Transaction View

Double click one account in Main Windows will launch Portfolio window. The default view is Holding Position Report. This report contains portfolio and holding's market values.

Holding Position Report

This report contains portfolio / security trailing returns.

Security Trailing Report

This report contains all securities' position / market value and trailing returns.

Market Value and Trailing Return Report

This report contains portfolio / benchmark / holding / security returns.

Benchmark Report

This report contains all securities 's position / market value and trailing returns.

Market Value Report

Sample Printed/PDF Reports:

You have several options when it comes to generating portfolio reports; Preview the report via a pdf export function that is built in, Excel export or send to your printer.

Account Statement

Account statement Report


Performance Report


Income Report

The above investment reports are only a sample of numerous reports you will find in the portfolio management software program that is available simply by submitting your request now.

There are many portfolio management & tracking software that will cost you plenty, but won't deliver you the features that you will receive when you fill out the request form.