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 If you are looking for a fee only financial planner specializing in financial planning, wealth management, divorce planning, business planning and tax planning, we offer financial planning tools to make the process easier.


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 My goal is to provide a source of financial information and tools to assist you in getting the information you need to reach your financial goals and to becoming  a savvy investor and consumer. You will find sections devoted to financial planning, starting your own business, consumer tips, saving money while traveling and personal development.

I offer personalize service if you need any specific financial planning services which include comprehensive financial planning, portfolio management, divorce planning, estate and tax planning. Call or email me for further information: free initial consultation.


   Financial Planning

A Financial Planner™ is a specialist, who through a specific financial planning process, objectively assesses their clients' current financial status, identifies problem areas, and recommends appropriate actions to provide comprehensive, client-based financial planning.

   Financial Planning

The financial planning process consists of six steps that help you take a "big picture" look at where you are financially. Using these six steps, you can work out where you are now, what you may need in the future, and what you must do to reach your goals. The process involves gathering relevant financial information, setting life goals, examining your current financial status, and coming up with a strategy or plan for how you can meet your goals given your current situation and future plans. 

For a detail explanation on comprehensive financial planning just select the Financial Planning section. There you will find information pertaining to cash flow & insurance need analysis, investment and retirement planning along with education, estate and tax planning.

   Wealth Management

Whether you are seeking investment advice, money manager or investing in the stock market, research is a valuable resource when deciding on what to buy and when to sell. Listed under the Wealth Management section you will find some valuable resources to help you get the most from your portfolio.


The Wealth Management Section will provide you with information on stock market research resources : includes Wall Street Journal, Barron's, MarketWatch, Investor Business Daily, Value Line, Zacks Investment Research and Morningstar. Another resource is ADVFN a financial data website offering stock quotes, charts, financials, news , portfolio, and real time data.

   Divorce Planning

 Divorce Planning combines money disciplines like accounting, financial planning, tax planning and applies them in the potentially superheated environment of a divorce. The goal of divorce planning is to reach a fair and "equitable" settlement. You are expected to make rational decisions at a time of emotional turmoil and in a setting that does not lend itself to rational decisions.

Within the Divorce Planning section I have provided you with several resources including eBooks that covers divorce issues such as child support, alimony and  common mistakes. In addition I have provided you with a mini course that guides you through the divorce process. Finally if you wish to save your marriage, there is a resource available as well. Select Divorce Planning section  for further information.

   Business Planning

A guide to building a new business, maintaining an existing business and valuation of a business when seeking financing or sale of a business. Under the Business Planning section you will find business software reviews, free software tools, books and other business related products. Select Business Planning section for further information.

   Income Tax Planning

Providing guidance for limiting your tax liability and providing assistance when dealing with IRS on audits and collections. Select Income Tax Planning section for ideas on tax software, eBooks on how to deal with the IRS concerning back taxes and other issues.

    Financial Life Coach

Select Financial Life Coach section for consumer related tips dealing with many aspects of financial planning such as budgets, insurance, investments, taxes and cost saving strategies.

    Business Consulting 

Starting and operating a home based business - How to chose a business classification, business tax issues, retirement plans for self-employed, accounting, marketing and sales, computer automation and web site design. Internet Marketing advice, specifically affiliate marketing. Select Business Consulting for further information.

   Money $ense

This educational guide will be to help you acquire financial wealth by providing money saving strategies, creating and staying on budget, debt management, selecting the right type of insurance. We will also review employee benefit programs such as retirement plans, health coverage, life insurance, disability coverage and other options made available from employers.

Select Money $ense for consumer tips and various financial services & products featuring Amazon and Wal-Mart for price comparison shopping. On a lighter note you will also find a section called Discerning Lifestyles which covers consumer products such as coffee, wines and chocolates.

    Travel $ense 

Travel $ense -  a travel guide for the savvy traveler looking for travel ideas while getting the best value for their money. You will find a wealth of travel information, tips on getting travel discounts and travel marketplace to search for travel related products and services. Select Travel $ense for one stop shopping for travel bargains.

    Wellness Coach 

Wellness Coach - working towards your own unique and optimal state of well-being. By mentally preparing yourself to handle change, you will set yourself up for many future successes. In other words, wellness is about thriving not just surviving. Select Wellness Coach section for further information.

    Current Market News & Review

  Current Prior As of date Trend
Dow Jones Index 27,682.81 27,173.96 Oct 02 2020 Down
Nasdaq Index 11,075.02 10,913.56 Oct 02 2020 Up
S&P 500 Index 3,348.44 3,298.46 Oct 02 2020 Down
Wilshire 5000 Index 34,470.87 33,816.19 Oct 02 2020 Down
Market Volatility Index 27.63 26.38 Oct 02 2020 Up
Inflation 1.31 % 0.99 % Aug  2020 Up
Savings I Bonds 1.06 % 2.22 % Effective end of Oct 2020 Down
Savings EE Bonds 0.10 % 0.10 % Effective end of Oct 2020 Unchanged
Nat'l Avg. 1 yr. CD 0.62 % 0..63 % Oct  02 2020 Down

Week Ending Oct. 02, 2020

Markets were up this past week with the VIX (fear index) climing as well. S&P 500 advanced YTD .

S&P 500 Index SPY - YTD increased  to 5.17 %, one year at 18.20%, three year at 11.90% and five year annualize return is standing at 13.58 %

Financial articles that might be of interest in:

For further information on US Savings bonds visit the link provided at Treasury Direct a government website,

Financial Life Coach Series - Updated 7/26/14

Financial Life Coach - This will be an on going series ,  a step by step guide to achieving one's life goals. To read Prior Articles select the link.

Money Saving Tips

The following multi week series will offer money saving tips that I found in a recent article published by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)

1. Electric consumption - Turn off lights when you don't need them and unplug electrical appliances or use a smart power strip to cut power to devices that are in standby mode. Savings up to $100 annually.

2. Low Flow Shower Head - Want to save money on your water bill, install a low-flow shower head and you could save up to 3,000 gallons of water per year.

3. Ceiling Fans - If you owe any ceiling fans reverse  your ,fans, you should find a switch allowing the fans to reverse direction , which will pull up the cool air and send down warmer air.

4. Home Energy - To save money on your home energy bill, make sure your windows and doors are properly insulated. Keep your thermostat turned up or down depending on season and turn off lights when not needed.

5. Water heater - Consider lowering the temperature on your water heater and even lower when gone for extended period of time like during vacation.